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Managing Director

When we formed ENVIRO in 1979, pollution control was still in a nascent stage in India. Pollution control laws were being formulated by the board and implementation was being evolved. Realizing the impact and implications pollution would have on our environment, we decided to work towards providing our customers with treatment plants incorporating world class processes for Water, Wastewater and Industrial Effluents. Decades later, I can proudly say on behalf of our company that we been able to make our presence felt and over 300 large and medium scale installations across India are a testimony to our commitment to constructing plants using invocative technologies and good engineering practices.

In this era of water shortages and the ever growing demand fuelled by population growth, ENVIRO has built and operated plants to treat and recycle water and ensured their efficient running to meet specified standards of treatment or discharge. It is our endeavour to continue this work which would help preserve the commodity humanity can’t do without – Water.

In our journey through the times from design to commissioning of Treatment Pants over the years, we take pride in the fact that we have the highest commissioned treatment capacities of plants in India. Our record in timely completion, quality work and selection of all available treatment technologies and processes is unmatched. We are one of the few Companies in India to offer Plants for Effluent Treatment, Water Treatment and Wastewater, all under one roof, making us a one-stop shop for most environmental engineering solutions. Over the years, we have constructed plants in India with record total treatment capacity of more than 4500 MLD (Million Litres per Day) for Water, Sewage and Industrial Effluent treatment.

As a continuous commitment to developing new technologies and environmental education, ENVIRO has financially contributed as an industrial partner to a Centre of Relevance and Excellence in Environmental Engineering and launched by Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) together with Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and an Engineering College in Surat, India. Besides R&D activities, the Centre offers Post Graduate courses in Environmental Engineering.

Our objective is to design and construct treatment plants which would contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. I believe it is a responsibility of each one of us who consume the earth’s limited life sustaining resources like water to ensure minimum wastage and maximum reuse so we could save it for future generations. It has been a fascinating journey of progress for over thirty years and we look forward to continue our growth and contribution to environmental causes. Do feel to contact us for solutions for a cleaner environment, be it for an industry or a municipal corporation. We would jointly work with you in ensuring the success of your project.


Nimesh Vashi


Executive Director

Resources Preservation – the road ahead

Years of over use with very little concern for preservation, judicious utilization and effective recycling has meant almost every resource which is required to sustain life is ending up extinct or in the process of fast vanishing.

When I returned to India after pursuing a Masters degree overseas, it was too evident that we needed at act

immediately and work with the private sector and Government agencies in stemming the tide of depletion of precious resources. Since ENVIRO was already an established name in Water & Wastewater technologies for over 30 years, we decided to focus on new technologies and processes which would benefit the environment.

Being a company committed to a green earth and ensuring availability of water and a clean environment for future generations, ENVIRO has set upon a task of Research, Education and Engineering towards that goal. We have set up a state-of-the-art R&D Centre and focussed on technologies for the future – Tertiary Treatment Plants, Waste-to-Energy Conversion, Municipal Sludge treatment and technologies for Municipal Solid Wastes disposal and treatment. Our Company has tied up with some of the best technology providers in the world to enable us offer them in commercially viable and operating forms.

Our future goal is to match the tremendous infrastructure growth by harnessing appropriate technologies to minimize its effect on the environment. To ensure this, we are in a constant state of upgrading our technical skills and abilities to be future ready. The future is of renewable energies and sustainable green technologies and ENVIRO is committed to cleaner technologies that help maintain the environmental balance of the earth. That is the key to sustaining life on this planet.


Dr. Anand Vashi
Ph.D., M.E. (Env.Engg.)
M.S. (Sanitary  Engg.)
Delft, The Netherlends